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Re-use of wastage material

New Town subway with 2-way escalators

4-9-2021, Telegraph

Newtown happier than kolkata,saltlake : survey

7-9-2019 ,Telegraph

Recycling of waste products


Hidco to run air conditioners using solar power at Nazrul Tirtha

[30-3-2019], Telegraph

Marked increase in rhinoceros population in Bengal , says CM on World Rhino Day

23-9-19, Telegraph

Say No to Horns


Smart Green cycle

16-9-20, Aajkal

Green cycle procession in Newtown



14-10-2020, Aajkal

Newtown survey to encourage walking



Machine to kill mosquitoes in newtown

10-9-2020, Aajkal

Depend on bicycle

2-12-2020, Aajkal

Hang out over a cup of coffee

5-12-2020, Aajkal

Soumitra throughout life

20-11-2020, Aajkal

29-12-2020,Aei somay

Solar power Generation

14-12-2020, Anand bazar Patrika

Newtown to get a special clinic

10-12-2020, Millenium post

kolkata: new man’s best friend after death

29-12-2020,Millenium post

lift to Eiffel tower in newtown



Kolkata : new-age ‘coffee house’ inaugurated in Newtown

4-12-2020,Times of India

West Bengal : HIDCO launches polyclinic medical centre project in newtown

10-12-2020, Times of India

Kolkata’s Newtown to get its own FM channel

12-12-2020, Times of India

4-12-2020, Vartaman

Office work in the middle of the green , new place in newtown

31-1-2021, anand bazar patrika

Bengal silicon valley ;22 companies got land

9-2-2021, Aajkal

Silicon valley : tech firms alloted plot

9-2-2021,Millenium p[ost

plot allotment in silicon valley


23rd newtown green run marathon


Bird shelter may become must for upcoming Newtown buildings

3-2-2021, Times of India

Staying in tune at the time of dissonance the mantra is sweet this time.



Hakim to inaugurate subway in newtown

4-9-2021, Millenium post

4-9-2021, Anand bazar patrika

Work from home monotonous? ”working pods” launched in the city