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About Shree Vallabh

Shree Vallabh has experience, expertise and talent to grow rapidly in the year to come. Our vision is clearly defined: Our Quality, Reliability and Integrity. We approach each Project with a Co-operative mindset, working with clients, Architects and Sub-contractors towards the common goal successful project delivery. Our team is experienced, enthusiastic and committed to working with you to create structures that serve human needs, while elevating human experience.

Customer satisfaction is the road map to the success in the real estate business.

Every minute detail of the customer’s comfort will be taken care of while providing the same to the customers. This will help the company in getting good response to the present project. They are confident of marketing its products without any difficulty.

Why Us


  • Customer Centric
  • Excellent Track Record
  • Strong & Committed work Ethic
  • Stringent Quality Standards
  • Dedicated & Competent team
  • Accountability andTransparency



“It represents the Indomitable determination to better our Yesterday’s best , day After Day …..”

Core Value

  • Shree Vallabh believes in adhering strictly to all regulatory requirements such as building bye-laws or other regulations, without any deviation.


  • Shree Vallabh  believes in not employing unaccounted money in purchase or sale of real estate assets.


  • Shree Vallabh  believes that all information given to customers should be complete, clear and factually correct.


  • Shree Vallabh believes that every project needs to be executed with as much love and care as building one’s own house be developing creative & functional design, by using appropriate materials, by employing right construction processes, by paying attention even to minute details, by upgrading technology from time to time and by constant innovation.


  • Shree Vallabh  endeavors to complete and hand over all projects on time every time.

Our Mission

“Our Customers Were the First to Enjoy High and Urban Lifestyle In Suburban Areas”.

We were fuse residential life with leisure needs, to begin housing complexes with attached lifestyle clubs .we punched new pace and spirit to the sedentary image of kolkata clubbing.

Every project we built began lifestyles that have become the norm. and we will continue to do so with each of our future ones.”We think for our customers, even we work for them” we think and work in an environment that is fiercely completive.

Our Vision

“Not Just See,But Foresee”

SHREE VALLABH has always defied caution. time and again we begun mammoth projects in empty , undeveloped places .and by the time we have finished, the entire area has flourished in every aspect. this is because we have foresee the future, observe and analyses global shifts and changes ,chart the course of progress.then and only then do we strike our first stake

Our Services

Design level

  • Co-ordination for obtaining legal clearance (for the concerned property), with regards to statutory approvals, from local bodies.
  • Outsourcing of Consultants (Architectural/Service related).
  • Preparation of project concept (Inc. of drawings and validation of obtained data), based on co-ordination meetings.
  • Finalization of project design data.
  • Obtaining of required approvals (Architectural/Service Related-Inc. Of initial approvals/temporary connections), needed for starting construction activities.
  • Co-ordination on final working drawing, through consultants.
  • Finalization of work and material specifications, involving cost optimization aspects of design and product management solutions.
  • Preparation of cost estimates, subject to approval of the finalized specification, of the concerned project.
  • Obtaining of final approvals, of required on project completion, for all Architectural/Service related activities (based on site inspection by local bodies).

Execution Level

  • Generation of works/supplies agreements, with the chosen agencies, involving complying with strict statutory regulations, on all categories of works.
  • Manpower allocation, inc. of site staff.
  • Periodical site inspections, site coordination meetings, analysis of work schedules,etc.
  • Strict quality control measures, at all stages of work through peridical inspections/monitoring of checklists, etc.
  • Strict adherence to saftey practices and environmental friendly measures.
  • Generation of montly reports, with regards to work schedules and cost tracking measures.
  • Periodical verification of RA Bills on all related works/supplies.
  • Testing and common commissioning processes, on all completed activities before total handing over of the system.


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CSR Although we do not build properties ourselves, we are intrinsically involved in whole process through the advice we give our clients in development, investment and occupancy of real estate and, as such, have a responsibility not only for our clients' real estate but also our own, in all of the markets in which we operate.

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